Reactive Dyes
Address:Weiwu Road,
               Hangzhou Bay Fine
               Chemical Industrial
               Park, Shangyu,
               Zhejiang, China.
Sale department:Manager Chen
Supply department:
                 Manager Zhang
Human resources department:Director Meng
   Zhejiang Strong-light Chemical Co.,Ltd., which was built in 2002,is located in Hangzhou Bay Fine Chemical Industrial Zone in Zhejiang province.It is the enterprises incorporating developing,producing,managing into an organic whole,the specializing in printing and dyeing,chemical trade.The company takes up an area of 108 Mu.There are 11 workshops,the laboratory of two centers and the complete “three-waste”treatment facilities,rationally distributed,novel in design and forming a complete set intact in the factory. The company has already formed and produced 5,000 tons of reactive dyes and Para Base Ester 5,000 Tons every year,and the proudctionscales of as many as 10,000 tons of all kinds of other printing and dyeing auxiliary and common auxiliary per year now.The company has more than 200 workers,and 50 of them are professional and technology,and total assets of more than one hundred million yuan. Our products are sold well in the whole country and popular in the world. The company has ....
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